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About Stationery Supply


In Simple Terms Stationery and Stationary are looks same a thing it is difference between both of them .Stationery includes all office supplies and equipment and Stationary Not moving, or not changing things . The word 'stationary' means 'not moving' or 'still'. (It can used an an adjective or an adverb.) Stationer means A person or business that sells these items.

From Our online Shop or Store to buy all kinds of office, school,computer,paper items and supplies from India. We Manufacture and Export Art, Computer, Social, Paper, Business, Office & School Stationary Products and Supplies from India. Our Main Products are Paper Clips, Clamps, Pencils, Crayons, Erasers, Blow pens, Memo Holder, Jotter Pencils, Cutters, Sketch Pen, Pins and Many More Items.

Our online website caters thousands of product catalogs placed by world’s famous business companies. Computer Systems, Desk Accessories, Desk Supplies, Diaries & Calendars, Document Organization , Educational Supplies and many more, are some of the sub categories of office supplies designed here. Click on desired category to view the gigantic list of manufacture, supplier of related product. We bring to you a biggest directory of office supplies industry where one can find any product of their desire & choice. Manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers or any other kind of trader, find them exclusively at our place. Our directory contains all the essential products required for the office set up under the single roof. Buyers can browse office products or office supplies from our wide section of Office Products & Supplies.

All products we deals in are of extremely high quality and are attractively packed Very useful for office and Educational Supplies. We provide excellent products in terms of design, quality and pricing. They are available from among a vast collection of Paper, Computer , Plastic and Leather products with variety of colors and sizes

Online catalogs of leading suppliers and with detailed company profiles, product description, product images and much more are present on Our Official Website which you can Browser From Left Hand Categories.